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Mine Fixed Plant Mechanical Engineer - 17/GG07007 (2 - 4 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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School & Graduation - BSc Degree in Mechanical Engineering

2 - 4 yrs. 
Nationality: Saudi Nationality OVERALL JOB PURPOSE: The Mechanical Engineer will have the responsibility of ensuring through application of the site EHS standards in accordance with the requirements of the position for the safety of personnel and equipment at the mine. The Mechanical Engineer will deliver sustainable REX standardised work systems and procedures for maintenance. The role includes responsibility for the safe and effective operation of Al Baitha Mine including Ma’aden employees and contractors who will operate and maintain the Mine. Overall objectives are to provide consistent reliable equipment for delivery to the Refinery at the correct product size whilst maximizing resources, minimising costs and maintaining standards in compliance with MA business plan, which includes adherence to health, safety and environmental objectives and policies. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES: DescriptionPerformance Indicators EHS · Responsible to ensure that the company’s EHS policy, procedure, and systems are implemented and complied with by all employees & contractors · Ensure that all employees both Ma’aden & Contractor are trained and competent to perform their work. § Zero breach to company’s policy, procedure, and systems. § EHS metrics are reported and EHS performance are below/within the target § EHS Training is documented and recorded Personnel § Support crew personnel and technical skill development in the maintenance teams to support their role in delivering quality maintenance knowledge and practices § Personal IDP and technical skill development training is progressed § Succession plan is progressed § Engage all HR critical aspects through the HR function and ensure company’s values are met § Training is on plan § Succession plan is on target. § Employee know and understand department expectations Customer § Execute management of maintenance systems to achieve department and customer targets. Includes maximising asset life, routine planning and scheduling of shutdowns, mining engineering and reliability work, achieving equipment targets, minimizing costs, and ensuring that work is carried out according to approved standards of quality EHS. § Meeting customer targets at lowest cost while maintain people, equipment life and company assets. Contractors § Supervise contractors and ensure they comply with Ma’aden EHS standards and policies.§ Contractors KPIs as per business contractual agreements. Supervision § Supervise crews to align with departmental responsibilities, ensuring all of the assigned personnel in Maintenance understand individual responsibility and business requirements.§ KPI’s established and approved by management Time/shift schedules § Ensure that, approved crew shift schedule are implemented to meet labour and equipment requirements using REX standardised work to meet the mine plan.§ Ongoing shift program or scheduled work plan to meet business requirement. Planning § Ensure REX standardised work is deployed to crew level. § Maintenance planning systems and processes are compliant with MBS. § Actively involved with customers to ensure planning activities deliver the expected tonnage and quality required by the customer, at the lowest cost possible for crushing, conveying, train loading and the mine§ Quantity and quality of ore produced as per the Refinery CSI. § Cost saving for mine plan vs. actuals Quality standards § Manage the maintenance systems using REX standardised work to deliver product size and sample plant process to meet the CSI agreement with the customer and provide systems for measuring conformance. § Systems in place to eliminate maintenance re work § CSI conformance § Sample Plant PA § Planning on plan Maintenance § Deliver to crew level REX standardised work and quality maintenance for the customers. § Deliver consistently reliable equipment using REX standardised work for the maintenance schedules agreed between departments and meeting the minimum OEM requirements.§ Maintenance plan is on plan, agreed and supported Budget and Finance § Manage the crew maintenance activities to align with the department monthly forecast, budget, correct cost allocation and actively pursue cost reduction opportunities to crew level. § Manage work to forecast within 5% § Report and monitor progress of crew DI in the system § Support the suggestion scheme Optimisation of plant § Accountable to optimise equipment maintenance to meet productivities required to meet the mine plan.§ Equipment PA and align with labour requirement. COMMUNICATIONS & WORKING RELATIONSHIPS: The Mechanical Engineer position is reporting directly to the Mine Maintenance Superintendent (next higher level). Major reporting and communication workflow is as follow: § Report any major EHS incident or breach to the next higher level of authority immediately once the event has occurred. § Daily maintenance updates to be sent to the mine Leadership team. § Major shutdowns updates reported to mine Leadership and Refinery customer Respond timely to the customer needs and set priorities for these requested, QUALIFICATIONS, EXPERIENCE & SKILLS: Minimum of 2years work experience in fixed plant maintenance or similar position. Should have a minimum of BSc Degree in Mechanical Engineering Proven track record in EHS Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Knowledge and experience of mining equipment and related processes Focus and results oriented High performance behaviours: § Leadership and Care § Integrity § Achievement Drive § Ownership § Communication § Developing others. § Teamwork & collaboration § Analytical thinking
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