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Rigger/ Scaffolder Foreman(RF) - 17/GG09212 (8 - 10 yrs. )


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School & Graduation - HSC , ITI

8 - 10 yrs. 
Key Job Description He shall ensure that JHA is conducted and prepared for every job, and brief the crew prior to job execution. He shall direct rigging crews and be responsible for rigging scaffolding and slings, shackles, fair leads, winches, lifting hoists and come a longs necessary for lifting, placing, positioning MATERIAL or DT. He shall ensure that his crew follows DT safety regulation and his crew meets DT safety standards. He shall be able to plan and direct a work crew in efficient performance of similar work. He shall be required at both offshore and onshore sites if requested by DT. He shall lead heavy lifts operations, which normally be within the normal lifting capacity of the platform cranes. He shall be capable of working safely and effectively from heights of above 100 feet. He shall supervise in installing valves, flanges, and blinds, as required to support pipe installation and hydro testing. He shall be required to support platform in handling vessel lines, mooring, cables blocks and splicing wire rope. He shall on the occasion when lifts in excess of platform crane capacities are necessary, be required with support from rigging crew to make such heavy lifts from support barges / vessel. He shall be a working foreman. He shall be familiar with the DT’s WORK Permit System and ensure that his crew is similarly informed. He shall responsible to inspect erected scaffolding to ensure the scaffolding is erected safely for used according to BS standards Minimum Qualification He shall have 8 years working experience in Oil & Gas construction rigging of which 4 years cumulative active experiences as Rigger Scaffolder. He shall have experience in both onshore and offshore construction operations, and be familiar with offshore and onshore facilities and working conditions. He shall be knowledge able of cranes, air taggers, slings, winches, hoists, come a longs, lifting equipment and all miscellaneous gear required to assist in the work. He shall be knowledge able the safe scaffolding erection method. He shall be qualified and knowledge able in the correct rigging technique necessary for the erection of structural steel, prefabricated piping spools, temporary platforms and scaffolding, pipe fittings, valves, confined space entry, heavy lifts and the miscellaneous assembly of heavy installation at both offshore and onshore sites. He shall be certified to the British Standard (B.S) Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) or equivalent on scaffolder action and inspection. He shall be capable of performing as well as supervising the work of his discipline and capable of conversing fluently in English. He shall be able to understand written procedures specially issued for peculiar rigging activities.
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