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Planning Technician (JD-20 (MES/MCR/MCP) - 18/GG1153 (7 - 8 yrs. )


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School & Graduation - HSC

7 - 8 yrs. 
Qualifications & Experience: 1. Completion of Secondary (12 years) education, followed by formal training in the use of Computerized Maintenance Management System and planning software. 2. 7 years of maintenance experience in Petroleum Refinery. Oil & Gas or Petrochemical Industry. 3. Must have relevant experience in the field of routine Maintenance Planning. 4. Must have relevant experience in the field of Shutdown & Turnaround Planning. 5. Must have relevant experience in Computerized Maintenance Management System (SAP or similar), and Planning & Scheduling software. (Primavera and Microsoft Project). 6. Good communicative skill in English (both spoken and written). Principle / Key Responsibilities: 1. Receiving, logging and processing of all maintenance requests (Notifications), ensuring conformance with the latest revision of the maintenance work order. 2. Review and analyse maintenance Work Request and ensures that all the information are correct and complete. Plans and check the required resources, materials, etc. in liaison with respective engineers before a Work Order is planned and executed. 3. Ensure correct job priority as per equipment criticality & system condition in coordination with operations and liaise with respective maintenance engineers. 4. Prepare draft maintenance work specification and task list including discipline manhour; duration and special resources requirement for plan scope of work. Entails visits to sites, liaising with maintenance, operation, and facilities personnel. 5 Responsible to verify notification completion, work order completion with details of accounting information (man-hours/materials utilized) and technical information (work carried out. fault diagnosed, failure code and failure mode). 6. Utilizes extensive knowledge of craft skills and knowledge of the equipment involved and places job steps in the proper sequence to ensure efficient completion of work to meet operational requirement. 7. Check and provide required sub work orders for support services like Rigging, scaffolding, Insulation etc., to coincide with the work order scheduling. 8. Co-ordinate all day-to-day maintenance work carried out by Mechanical. Electrical, instruments & Facilities disciplines for effective and timely execution of the work in order to maximum usage of resources. 9. Operate proprietary planning software (Primavera. MS Project) to develop schedule. 10. Maintain various hard copy and electronic files covering all planning related works in professional manner. 11. Develop Eight weeks One week look ahead plans. 12. Participates along with the area Planning Engineer in the RBWS /Weekly/Schedule   jobs from the backlog. Ensures that a clear understanding exists of which jobs will be worked in the upcoming week. Finalizes the Weekly Schedule for Operations. 13. Manage the status of work control and backlog for work order submission to work order completion. Status may include waiting for planning, waiting parts, ready to schedule, etc. 14. Manage a backlog of work orders, which require major or significant portion of the facility to be shutdown. 15. Develop Eight Weeks Look Ahead plans and Resource Flistograms in order to forecast the required resources. 16. Prepare various KPI reports: Planning compliance. Scheduling compliance. Job priority. Backlog compliance and Resource utilization 17. Prepare weekly schedules and circulate to all concerned 18. Prepare In-progress jobs reports. 19. Provide support to prepare unplanned shutdown schedules and create related work orders for all activities as per task list including provide work orders and coordinate day-lo-day maintenance work during the execution stage of unplanned shutdown 20. Prepare various plans, schedule, reports etc. for department as & when required.
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