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Technician II(Auto Electrician )(JD-30 (MES/MCR/MCM) - 18/GG1154 (5 - 7 yrs. )


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School & Graduation - Diploma/Certificate in Auto Electrician

5 - 7 yrs. 
Qualifications & Experience: 1. Qualified with a Diploma/Certificate in Auto Electrician from a recognized institution. 2. Be able to speak, understand & write English with good communication skills. 3. Extensive knowledge in electrical repair of heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, automobiles, etc. 4. A minimum of 5 years experience in Auto electric field. 5. Capable of using computer for creating permits in RIS / viewing work orders Notifications, drawings & spares information in SAP. 6. Be familiar with MS Office (MS Word & MS Excel).   Key Responsibilities: 1. Carry out skilled Electrical repair & maintenance of Emergency Diesel generators & fire pumps. Diesel pumping sets. Diesel operated air compressors and welding machines. Diesel engines of various vehicles such as cranes, trucks, forklifts. . fire engines etc. inside and outside QP Refinery. 2. Receives verbal/written instructions from Sr. Mechanical Engineer / Mechanical Engineer obtains material, tools and spare parts from stores according to stores issue vouchers signed and approved by the Engineer and performs the maintenance work. 3. Inspects and carries out electrical tests to locate or diagnose electrical faults on various trucks, cars, forklifts and other mobile or fixed equipment either in the workshop or on site. This includes inspection & repair of all engine auxiliaries like starter motor, maintenance of batteries and battery charger. 4. Dis-assembles. checks and re-assembles various electrical components of motor vehicles and electrical equipment. Repairs or replaces parts in starter motors, generators/alternators and power distribution cables and switches. Re-tests all electrical circuits, lamps and indicators to ensure these are working before vehicle engine is handed back to user. 5. Removes, cleans and re-installs the lighting and electrical system components on motor vehicles such as lamps, clocks, pressure gauges, thermostats or temperature indicators. 6. Carries out weekly preventive maintenance of a variety of small electrical equipment such as welding sets, batteries/battery chargers and mobile compressors which includes cleaning and checking of electrical components of equipment and replacement of defective wiring, circuits, clocks or switches. 7. Carries out other similar or related duties such as charging batteries, rewinding motors, dynamos and alternators as required, ensuring all work activities are carried out in accordance with safety regulations and good housekeeping practices. 8. Maintains equipment history and ensures correct management of work orders.   9. Adhere to the company environmental, health and safety procedures are adhered to while performing any maintenance work/white activity inside the Refinery.
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