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TECHNICIAN - WELDER (JD 05 B) - 18/GG1161 (5 - 7 yrs. )


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School & Graduation - HSC

5 - 7 yrs. 
Primary Purpose of Job: Carry out welding and direct welders when working on welds all materials including high/low carbon steels, alloys, stainless steels, pipes, pressure vessels, completed in accordance with International standards using prescribed procedures and fabrication techniques for wellhead manifold, oil I gas flow and trunk lines in workshop and Field areas. Deputizes for General Technician (Welding) as necessary during leave or absence. Principle / Key Responsibilities: 1. Acts as Team Leader over one or more Technicians to undertake work as assigned by senior Technician or General Technician. Receives written and I or verbal notification of work to be carried out, obtains necessary materials, tools, equipment and consumables, organizes his team and participates in, and oversees, completion of the work required. 2. Carries out welding work in the central workshops, or at site locations using such techniques as arc and gas welding, hot tapping and cold cutting or undertakes any fabrication work required. 3. Welds to 100% radiographic test results on structural, low carbon, stainless steel and other alloys in accordance with the procedures stipulated by more senior staff always being alert to possible cause of distortion and endeavouring to minimize same. 4. Fabricates well head manifolds, and ties in oil and gas installed flow and pipe lines at wellhead and station manifolds, removal I installation of valves, etc. Carries out maintenance of oil, gas and water installed pipe lines including pipe line supports. 5. Carries out specialized welding operations on materials such as cast iron, aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and various alloys and applies a variety of arc welding, gas welding, and gas cutting technique in the welding workshop and at field locations in Dukhan. 6. Carries out welding repairs of pressure vessels and tanks in accordance with API and ASME code specifications. Checks that contract desludging operations have carried out through visual inspection and advises supervision when work is completed so that necessary inspection can be carried out. Undertakes the work of pigging operations Page 11 of 44 Job Descriptions - OM(D) WCR-OOBM17300385 Page No. 32 of 86   and activities to clean 20" diameter and 24" diameter gas gathering trunk lines. Includes preparing the pig station to receive the metal I rubber pig and arranging the availability of resources, such as manpower and cranes. 7. Participates in the work of hot tapping of pipelines. Weld branches of pipe work (1/2" - 12" diameter) onto the main gas I oil I water pipe lines, or tank, locates flanges valve and secures prior to hot tapping. Uses a manufactured hot tapping machine, hand drills and other cutting tools of various diameters as required. 8. Participates in the work of cold cutting of pipe lines to remove sections of pipe line (100' - 300' long). Operates a combination of hand pipe cutters and air driven circular saws. 9. Assists in the work of stress relieving welded joints. Includes enclosing the welded joint with an element heater and asbestos blankets; uses remote electrical power to provide (600 degrees C) to the welding joint area for a period of 4 hours. 10. Ensure that all required permits, safety regulations are strictly adhered when the work is carried out and the work site is left clean on completion of the jobs and returns the equipment and the balance of consumables to the store. Qualifications & Experience: EDUCATION High School (12 years) followed by formal craft training in welding work. Must be qualified to the code requirements of AsME 9 6g or BS 4871 by QP Inspectorate or an approved independent inspection authority including TIG and MIG. Must be capable of spoken and written English. KNOWLEDGE Fair knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out "hot tapping/live" welding activities. Fluent in written and spoken English. Good knowledge in Computer skills. EXPERIENCE & SKILLS 5 years experience of welding, pipe fabrication and stress relieving and all welding techniques, including TIG; MIG; & MMa.
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