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Equipment Operator - (JD- 05 (OEM-MES) - 18/GG1162 (9 - 11 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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9 - 11 yrs. 
Principle / Key Responsibilities: 1. Perform pre-start inspection of vehicle/associated equipment for effects and ensure proper condition. Also, shall perform before use and periodically check of associated equipment such as fittings, ropes, hooks and slings, and shall report defects if any. 2. Inspects and checks equipment for safe operation at commencement of each job/trip. includes checking of oil. water, fuel, battery, tyres, brakes, cable, horn, lights, signaling equipment, hooks, ropes, sling and their fittings- and ensures their safe condition. 3. Reports directly to QP Automobile Representatives 4. Operates mobile cranes, boom trucks, and other various type of heavy equipment. 5. Follow manufacturer's operating instructions and observe load limitations. 6. Use electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic devices. Shall ensure adherence to safety procedures. 7. Use lifting equipment to load/unload machinery and equipment including in confined quarters. 8. Reports on all serious and minor malfunctions and shall complete inspection reports on daily basis regarding documents worn or damaged items, and shall check for the correct operations of various switches and controls. 9. Ensure validity of vehicle documentation (including lifting certification). 10. Be alert to faults/equipment failure indicated by sight, sound, and loss of performance or observation of instruments/indicators. Shall immediately report defects and malfunctions. 11. Maintain daily log sheet of all activities assigned. 12. Perform other related duties as directed by QP 13. Shall insure that his third party certifying authority certificates are kept valid at all   14. Observes all security, fire and safety rules, including the use of protective clothing and equipment, required to be trained on different safety apparatuses, observes all other safety practices and is always on the alert to any unsafe conditions. 15. Shall report immediately to supervisor or his delegate any noncompliance of safety regulation or standards, any incidents involving staff or others contractor personnel and or any vehicle accident, incidents or near miss of any description. Qualifications & Experience: Completion of 9 years education from a recognized institution. Good written and oral communication skills in English. Professional understanding of reading crane load charts and approved lifting plans. Knowledge of QP Corporate Lifting Equipment Regulation. DOC No. REG-Q-001. Latest revision or updates thereto. Minimal 10 years experienced and fully confident in operating equipment including Mobile Cranes ranging from 30 metric tonne up to 250 metric tonne. Have full knowledge and understanding of electronic operating systems installed on mobile cranes. Be fully experienced have knowledge and understanding of audible and visual signals associated with lifting operations. Qatar Traffic Department: Driving License Requirements: Mobile Crane Operator License   Knuckle Boom Crane License. Fork Lift Truck Operators License. Heavy Vehicle Trailer License and Light Vehicle License. Required Third Party Certifying Authority:
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