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CNC Specialist - 18/GG955 (4 - 6 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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School & Graduation - College diploma or the equivalent

4 - 6 yrs. 
Responsibility Make sure machines are working at full capacity, are stocked with needed materials, well-maintained and perform periodic checks on output. look at the finished product to ensure it is defect-free and ready for the next step in production. Make adjustments to the machine to control speed, material feed and path of the cut, as well as make sure the machines are set up properly, working well, and producing quality product. · Perform machining process development & optimization part setup, machining, strategy/order of operations, tool selection, speed/feed process parameter selection) · Work with machinists, manufacturing engineers, and design engineers to identify process improvement opportunities (reduced machining/setup time, improved part quality, reduced manufacturing risk) and incorporate required design changes (customer driven changes, technical performance improvements, improved manufacturability) Ensuring a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace with a ZERO Accident mindset. Perimeter of Influence (Sector, Unit, Turn-Over, Tons etc) Explain Briefly ArcelorMittal Jubail is setting-up a seamless pipe plant in Jubail (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The capacity will be 600 000 tons per year. Quality routing/process routes need to be designed for all API 5 Ct & API 5L grades along with other customer specs up to finish good stage. Main Accountabilities Policies, Systems, Process & Procedures Fulfill the Health & Safety responsibilities as identified in the Responsibilities and Accountabilities section of the Health & Safety Program. Fulfill the Environmental responsibilities as identified in the Responsibilities & Accountabilities section of the Environmental and Energy Program. Fulfill the Quality responsibilities as identified in the Quality Management System. Fulfill the responsibilities as identified in the Performance Management Process. Fulfill the responsibilities as identified in the Attendance Management Process. Provide training and development to co-workers and help maintain Standard Operating Procedures, Best Practices and Job Safe Practices to ensure the transfer of knowledge to others. Business Requirements To prepare the tools of a cost effective Quality Assurance Operations budget for optimal manufacturing. (Workforce, material, machines and equipment). The Time management to achieve the Department Business Plan. Follow all work procedures, checklists and all related records to meet all required API Standards. Participate; understand the training programs to improve the skills. Problem Solving Skills: CNC specialist will need to know why machines are not at peak performance, how to increase output and how to fix errors. Knowledge Advanced knowledge of processes, Tools, repair and fixing of the issues in the area of responsibility is required. Advanced knowledge of Maintenance Equipment Reliability Process is required. Advanced knowledge of the Plant Manufacturing Facilities is required. Working knowledge of Ministry Regulations in the Manufacturing Environment is required. Skills Excellent communication skills. Excellent CNC operating skills and their trouble shooting Excellent machining skills in turning, milling, knurling operations Excellent setting up of the machines for various tools like, Sizing mill roll stands, Extracting mill roll stands, Diescher discs, Piercer Rolls, PQF Rolls, Straightener Rolls etc Excellent to handle, measure, read all type of measuring instruments, viz., Three leg Micrmeter, Outside Micrometer, Depth gauge, Vernier Caliper, Pi-tape, dial indicators,etc Excellent Discipline, Learning attitude. Positive approach Education & Experience College diploma or the equivalent Qualified from Technical institute in Advanced CNC machine / Turning Operations Experience 4-6 yrs in heavy duty CNC lathe and Roll Grooving Machine out of which 2-3 years in the related field International Role Good English speaking, reading and writing. Acceptance of multicultural and multilingual atmosphere.
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