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Operator, DAP - 19/GG0330 (8 - 10 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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School & Graduation - Technical Diploma or equivalent educationTechnical Diploma or equivalent education

8 - 10 yrs. 
This position is qualified to operate all field areas and the Distributed Control Systems (DCS). In addition this position is recognized for its extensive technical knowledge of the plant being operated.Provide guidance and assistance with trouble shooting in the plant; provide guidance and training to Field Operator-1 and Field Operator-2 Trainee and to function as an effective interface between the Field &Control Operators and the Shift Supervisor to enable all jobs allocated to the field to be executed timely and efficiently. This position may be called upon to fill any role on the shift and may also fill in for the Shift Supervisor. 3. Key Duties and Responsibilities Operational Parameters § Review the history of operational parameters around the clock and take appropriate action to meet the operational standards. § Control the operation of the plant and equipment to comply with all EHS standards. § Expected to operate the plant to meet budgeted rates and quality requirements. Operating Procedures § Review current work procedures and develop new work procedures and instructions in order to serve as a guideline for field operators. Reports on Operational Performance § Monitor and report to supervisors the operational performance of the process to ensure continuous, smooth and uninterrupted operations. Continuous Improvement § Make suggestions for the improvement of plant operations and /or procedures. § Successful implementation of improvement suggestions Shut-down and Start-Up § Ensure all actions are taken for the safe shutdown and start up in specific areas of the plant in line with standard operating procedures. Work Permits § Take necessary actions to facilitate the authorization of work permits to work in the field specifying conditions to work safely and ensure compliance thereof (e.g. ensure equipment and process streams are isolated). Inspection of Field § Undertake physical inspections in the fieldto ensure operational equipment is in good working condition. Maintenance Work Orders § Follow up maintenance work orders and co-ordinate with other departments to ensure maintenance jobs are completed on time. Training § Provide on– the-job training for Field Operator 1 and Field Operator 2 Trainee to ensure they are performing to minimum performance standards. Housekeeping § Personally responsible and accountable for maintaining and cleaning the work place at all times to avoid accidents and/or personal injuries. § Maintaining Company’s 5-S Housekeeping standards 1) Sort 2) Set-Up & Order 3) Shine 4) Standardize 5) Sustain § Will be unassisted by others, except whereby compliance to safety standards may apply. (This will include, but not limited to; 1) Keeping plant/production areas and floors clean and clear of materials, products and waste. Tasks requires: § Shoveling, § Sweeping, § Washing down areas, and § Trash and debris collection and removal 2) Cleaning up spills and leaks of any type promptly to eliminate slipping hazards 3) Handle proper waste disposal and ensure waste containers emptied regularly in areas 4) Ensuring materials stored in areas that do not obstruct stairs, fire escapes, exits or firefighting equipment § Quality Housekeeping is viewed as major “Employee Performance” criteria. Health, Safety and Environment § Take appropriate actions to meet health, safety guidelines and regulations and environmental conditions within acceptable norms and standards. § Follow and enforces all safety precautions and procedures to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel. § Writes and submits reports to Shift Supervisor regarding operational, plant equipment, and maintenance requirements, etc. § Follows all safety instructions and notices, and wears protective equipment at all times. § Educated to promote a culture of “Safety First” as reflected by low accident and incident rates. § Educated on all operational HSE Management System to ensure all MWSPC Operatorsin his specific areas observes standard HSE processes and operating procedures. 4. Education - Experience - Qualifications Education Technical Diploma or equivalent education Experience and Qualifications: 8 to 10 years operational experiencewith sound knowledge of chemical processes and operations. Skills § Effective leadership skills § Planning and scheduling skills § Proven track record of effectively managing resources (manpower). § Effective communication and listening skills. § Strong work ethic and be able to adhere to company, policies, and standard business etiquette. § Good written and verbal skills in English required, § Self-starter with minimal supervision for routine activities. § Good computer skills in using Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) plus other software pertinent to the work performed would be advantageous. § Ability to work with diverse populations, and foster a cooperative team environment. § Bi-lingual or multi-lingual is a plus § International work experience in remote camp environment
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