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Head of section - management accounting - 19/GG2208 (10 - 12 yrs. )


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School & Graduation - BSC

10 - 12 yrs. 
Role Purpose: Roles at this level are responsible for monitoring professional standards and developing new systems and procedures that will impact on all work areas. They will also be involved in resource management and may be responsible for managing a team of professional and other staff. Requires a highly experienced professional who is responsible for formulating operational plans and providing meaningful input on accounting / finance policies and procedures. Key Accountabilities Annual Budgeting · Responsible for Planning, Coordination, Review and to ensure timely preparation of the Annual budget from issue of Budget Tone letter, Issue of guidelines, organizing BRC meeting to submission of budget internally and approval from Board members with accuracy. · OPEX & CAPEX in ERP and Budget book Ensure uploading of the annual OPEX & CAPEX budget in ERP, absorption rates with a view to control and compare actual expenses against approved budget and correct valuation of the Inventory. Ensure preparation of the annual approved budget book Monthly Forecasting and Planning Co-ordinate to ensure timely preparation of the monthly forecast considering actual up to date and forecast for remaining period of year. Monthly/Annual Closing activities Ensure timely Closing of ERP Cost Management and Inventory Module in order to get the correct cost of production, COGS and inventory valuation. Reporting Ensure timely preparation of all the reports including Cost of production by each process, Products, plant wise , size and grade-wise, OPEX and CAPEX by cost centers and Projects, Pricing sheet, Periodically reports pertains to BSC, Finance div. KPI and all types of information for Internal/external audit and agencies. Procedure development Development of Costing system for new products & Process, preparation of procedure document for activities related to Costing, budgeting, Inventory etc. Cost benefits and Cost analysis Providing cost benefit analysis for CAPEX items and cost analysis for products to support alternative decisions. § Automation of the Budgetary process quaLIFICATIONS, Experience & SKILLS § B.Sc. or Graduate in Finance or Accounting and membership of a recognized professional body – 10 Years’ experience. § Well rounded knowledge of accounting / finance standards. § Computer skills § Planning and organising skills § Management potential and leadership ability § Good standard of written and spoken English and well developed report writing ability. § Report writing skills § Good Time Manager § Problem solving skills Key Skills: 1. Chartered Accountant 2. Experience in integrated steel manufacturing company. 3. Management Accounting. 4. Oracle ERP system. 5. Strategic planning. 6. Inventory analysis. 7. Long term planning (Business Plan). 8. Budgeting. 9. Costing and cost analysis. 10. Management reporting and variance analysis.
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