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Tooling & Inventory Controller - 19/GG559 (5 - 7 yrs. )

 Saudi Arabia

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5 - 7 yrs. 
Responsibility To ensure quality of all incoming tooling & spares are in compliance to relevant drawings and specifications To maintain required level of inventory of tooling, spares & consumables Ensuring a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace with a ZERO Accident mindset. Perimeter of Influence (Sector, Unit, Turn-Over, Tons etc) Explain Briefly ArcelorMittal Jubail is setting-up a seamless pipe plant in Jubail (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). The capacity will be 600 000 tons per year. Quality routing/process routes need to be designed for all API 5 Ct & API 5L grades along with other customer specs up to finish good stage. Main Accountabilities Policies, Systems, Process & Procedures Fulfill the Health & Safety responsibilities as identified in the Responsibilities and Accountabilities section of the Health & Safety Program. Fulfill the Environmental responsibilities as identified in the Responsibilities & Accountabilities section of the Environmental and Energy Program. Fulfill the Quality responsibilities as identified in the Quality Management System. Fulfill the responsibilities as identified in the Performance Management Process. Fulfill the responsibilities as identified in the Attendance Management Process. Provide training and development to co-workers and help maintain Standard Operating Procedures, Best Practices and Job Safe Practices to ensure the transfer of knowledge to others. Business Requirements To prepare the tools of a cost effective Hot Mill Operations budget for optimal manufacturing. (Workforce, material, machines and equipment). The Time management to achieve the Department Business Plan. Inspection of all incoming tooling & spares as per the Drawing & Specifications To maintain inspection reports, test certificates and other quality documents Preparation of all mill tooling as per production plan To ensure Identification Traceability of each tool Dealing with local spare suppliers for technical clarification Rising of Purchase Request for new and regular items and follow up with the procurement to get the materials onsite to support the Business plan. To ensure update of all documents on daily basis for ISO and customer audits. Follow all work procedures, checklists and all related records to meet all required API Standards. Participate; understand the training programs to improve the skills. Knowledge Advanced knowledge of processes, Tools, repair and fixing of the issues in the area of responsibility is required. Advanced knowledge of Maintenance Equipment Reliability Process is required. Should know about limits, fits & tolerances and precision assembly practices Advanced knowledge of the Plant Manufacturing Facilities is required. Working knowledge of Ministry Regulations in the Manufacturing Environment is required. Skills Excellent communication skills. Excellent in Hot mill Toolings of seamless pipe mill Excellent to handle, measure, read all type of measuring instruments, viz., Three leg Micrometer, Outside Micrometer, Depth gauge, Vernier Caliper, Pi-tape, dial indicators,etc Excellent Discipline, Learning attitude. Positive approach Advanced knowledge of SAP-Tooling or PM module. Knowledge about Quality systems, Documentation Excellent in working with advanced computer in Microsoft word and excel Top 3 ArcelorMittal Competencies Decision Making Results Orientation Effective Communication Education & Experience Qualified Diploma/Graduate in mechanical Engineering. Experience 6 to 8 yrs in Assembly /Inspection areas in Seamless Tooling. International Role Good English speaking, reading and writing. Acceptance of multicultural and multilingual atmosphere. Working Conditions Combination of Plant Office, Shop and Plant environment. Personal Protective Equipment is required. Physical Effort (minimal) Activities involve alternating positions of sitting, standing, walking and light lifting. Majority of time spent in comfortable positions. Physical Environment (minimal) Occasional exposure to mild unpleasant or disagreeable conditions of dust, dirt, nocuous odours, noise etc. Remote possibility of accident or health hazards. Sensory attention (moderate) Need to concentrate on a variety of sensory inputs for intermediate durations at a time requiring close attention several times daily. I.e. interpretive reading, listening, presenting, data analysis etc. Mental Stress (moderate) Occasional exposure to one or more mental pressures daily not noticeably disruptive to the work. I.e. deadlines, need for accuracy, unpleasant resource contact.
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